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ModestAnytime.com offers custom and standard size clothing for tops, blouses, dickeys, dresses, skirts, hair coverings and hair accessories to women and girls who value true modesty in their lives.  Aimed to please our Father-in-Heaven Who despises immodesty, our clothing are designed according to Jewish modesty standards that meet approval of Halacha (Jewish Law) to provide clean, aesthetic, refined elegance.

Tznius Compliance

Our no-layering required, modest and kosher garments for ladies and girls are designed by KosherPatterns ® to meet halachic standards: at least semi-fitted, ample ease at the chest and hips, neckline covers frontal collarbone and back top cervical bone and shoulders, sleeve length is up to the wrist, blouse length extends to the hip line or more, dress and skirt lengths are offered in either midi (mid-calf) or maxi (ankle), fabric is either opaque or lined for modesty, and option to line semi-opaque skirts.

Our hair coverings are also designed according to Halacha to cover all the hair if worn properly. It is best not to show off even a tefach of hair with your hair coverings as all the head hair needs to be covered.

Shatnez Compliance

Our garments are Shatnes-free; we use 100% polyester thread, our fabric, trims and interfacing are either 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blend or polyester-rayon blend. We do not use any linen or wool in our garments.


We use high quality fabrics for our garments.  We avoid using knits that cling to the body, except for hair coverings and dickeys.  We prefer woven fabrics as they do not give a cheap and casual appearance like most retail, ready-to-wear knit garments.  Our choices of fabric are generally clean, tasteful and pleasing to the eye as opposed to loud, bold and distracting alternatives.


Our made-to-order apparel are modestly and competitively priced.  Owning a complete modest wardrobe with our no-layering required garments essentially saves money in the long run.  Layering shells paired with less-than-modest apparel do not necessarily project a clean, modest appearance.  Additionally, the casual look of layering shells cannot replace the more classic modest elegance that are easily achievable by our garments.

Made in the USA

We are proud of our handmade items produced only in the USA by a Shomeres Mitzvos.  Each item is carefully sewn with tender loving care of the highest quality.


Even though all our sales are final and non refundable, you can buy with confidence. Do read the testimonials from our clients.  We prefer that customers supply their custom measurements to ensure the best fit for their garments, however, we also provide size charts based on U.S. standards for convenience.

Tznius Education

To learn more about Jewish modesty or Tznius in clothing, please visit Tznius.tips.


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