How to tie the Cap-n-Wrap Scarf


2-in-1 Head Scarf with Cap is happy to show you how to tie our new Cap-n-Wrap Scarf product line.

Our Cap-n-Wrap Scarf product line contains a 2-in-1 scarf sewn in with a fitted elastic cap.  The benefits of having this cap include:

  • providing an extra layer to conceal all the hair for religious purpose
  • providing a soft comfortable layer that catches oil, grease and dirt from the hair
  • providing a safety buffer so that the scarf will not fall off; you can secure the cap to your hair by sewing a hair comb at the inside of the headband
  • many women complain that a tied scarf is often too tight on the head; the sewn-in cap is elastic and fits most head sizes of 20-23 inches, hence, one does not need to tie the scarf too tightly for it to stay as it is attached to the cap

Here are at least 3 ways to tie our Cap-n-Wrap Scarf whose length is about 58-inches.

The Half Wrap

Cap-n-Wrap The Half Wrap Scarf 01 Cap-n-Wrap The Half Wrap Scarf 02

The Half Wrap for Uneven Tails

Half Wrap Chiffon Scarf

The Full Wrap

Cap-n-Wrap the Full Wrap Scarf 01Cap-n-Wrap the Full Wrap Scarf 02

The Turban Twist

Turban Twist 01

Turban Twist 02

The Side Bow

2-in-1 Head Scarf with Cap

There are many other ways to tie a scarf that talented women have accomplished throughout the generations.  It’s all-in-the-wrap!





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